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"William Wallace"

Society: A broad grouping of people having common traditions, institutions and collective activities and interests.
Culture: The customary beliefs, social forms and material traits of a social group

Traditional American cultural values have been revised to be "progressive" or politically correct. These changes have occurred gradually, almost imperceptibly, over the past thirty to forty years:

Cultural cleansing is not ethnic cleansing and has nothing to do with racism. It will be the elimination of those and those ideas which have and are eroding traditional American ideals, transforming the world's leader into a follower. It could begin as the result of a severe or prolonged natural disaster or war with another country (Communist China, North Korea, Russia or another former Soviet republic or a reunited Soviet Union or a third world dung heap freshly armed with weapons from the former Soviet Union). But it probably will begin as an American public becomes fed up its social parasites and a cancerous, self serving government catering to them. The demands of these social parasites for special treatment, the government's promises to them and demands upon us will soon exceed our ability and willingness to comply. Old scores will be settled.

Lest one think I am railing solely against liberalism, recall the angry reaction of "conservative" Republicans as the party elite gang raped presidential candidate Pat Buchanan's credibility after his victory in the 1996 New Hampshire primary. Republicans overwhelmingly defeated Democrats in the 1994 elections and record numbers of Democrats retired in the aftermath because Americans were disgusted with the condescending elitism of the liberal Democrats. The Republican elite used the same tactics as the liberal Democrats - against their own! Buchanan was mean spirited, a racist, bigot, homophobe, was supported by blue collar workers without college educations and (gasp!) militias. Class warfare and name calling right from the liberal Democrats' manual. A plague on both their houses.

Now the revolution that began against the Democratic party's liberal elite is festering within the Republican party. If the "conservatives" use the same tactics as the liberals, are they really any different? They do not want the free exchange of ideas leading to the best candidate. The Republican elite seek to force their chosen ones upon us. The sole congressional accomplishment by this majority party in 1998 was to rename a D.C. airport for Ronald Reagan! Elitists of all flavors will be added to the list for cleansing.

Those who did not recognize the rapidly growing tension and dissatisfaction in America and took positive measures to mitigate the effects of possible social upheavals on them and their families will not fair much better than the parasites or their benefactors. A Ph.D. or an A+ Microsoft certification are poor substitutes for common sense, observation and planning. The legions of goobers (good ol' boys) with their "gut & groin mentality" and self-absorbed yuppies, each preoccupied with the "bread and circuses" of the 20th century (domestic violence, public drunkenness, kids' soccer games, the Internet and 100 channels of "must see" cable TV) will share the fate of racists, supremacists and bigots (of every color and persuasion) and opportunists who will attempt to capitalize on the unstable situation to seize control. The mindless rabble ("cognitively challenged") who today are treated as an endangered species and depend upon government and university polls, studies, surveys and the biased media to tell them what to do, think and feel will wander aimlessly into oblivion. Or they will meet their demise as a result of a panicked attempt to take from the prepared. Statists are attempting to eliminate those capable of independent, critical thought as well as violent (if necessary) actions from the human species in favor of a race of sheeple who confuse feelings with fact, image with reality.

We have the means and the obligation to prolong and enhance life for those who, because of birth or accident, have mental or physical disabilities. This is as it should be. However, we have an underclass at all levels of society which, over the past few decades, have been rendered unable and unwilling to think and do for themselves by an out of control government and the "useful idiots" in the media. Where Darwin's natural selection failed, cultural cleansing shall succeed.

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