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J.J. Johnson is an African-American who testified before Congress during the House hearings on the militia movement in America [1995].

[Note: The situation is more dire, and the sentiments deeper, than they were in 1995. Fast forward to 2021 and change the leader's name - same lack of transparency, lack of morals, lack of dedication to the good of the nation...~WWD]

Attention Planet Earth,

I am an American. And in this matter, I believe I speak for a vast majority of our fellow citizens. People around the world are obviously taking note of the latest military adventure by the government of the United States. It has produced emotions among you that range from bewilderment to outrage. To some of you, a fear is growing that a third World War is just around the corner.

We here in America have these same concerns. You have heard many of our past Presidents say, "Our differences are with the government we are attacking, and not with its people." Please understand that the latest act of aggression is an act of the U.S. government, and not its people. As of the time of this writing, the fear and rage toward America is being spilled onto its embassies around the world - perhaps even in your country. We understand your anger. Most of us do not support the actions of our government.

Perhaps a little background will help you to understand this. Since Viet Nam, we Americans have been conditioned to support our troops in battle, thus learning lessons from the past. Hence, no matter what illegal or immoral use of force is deployed by this government, you may believe it has our support. That is what our media will tell you. It is, regrettably, part of our culture. To not support them would seem un-American. Yes, these are our sons and daughters in battle. No, we do not have conscription for military service here. And yes, our tax dollars pay for these campaigns. But none of this is done by our choice.

America is not as free as you think. We have lost much of the true and fair justice in our courts. We have no control of our media. You may call it propaganda. You are correct. In fact, here in the United States, our media calls much of your news "propaganda" coming from a "state-run news service". We do not pay our taxes voluntarily. If we do not give our government what it demands, we are greeted with the same type of force you see deployed in other countries. But you will never see this on CNN, hear about it on the BBC, or read it in the Associated Press.

You may find this surprising, but our military force is at this time, preparing part of our armies for deployment on our country, and against our own people. We did not ask for this, and we are being given no explanation for this. But it is happening. All the while, orders are being given from our capital (Washington, D.C.) to disarm us. The founders of this country knew that we would be the best deterrent if and when we ever lost control of this government.

Sadly, We the People of the United States of America have lost control of our government - and with that, our political and military forces. Even many of our finest military personnel have resigned themselves from this government. More are leaving everyday - so much that some of our leaders are considering forced conscription while continuing the current ongoing propaganda campaign - offering money and glory - to join them in their "imperialistic efforts".

We understand that the last several military actions of William Clinton violate the common international laws and agreements with other nations. He has, in fact, violated many laws of this nation. As you have seen recently, we are virtually powerless to stop him. We even tried to have him removed from office. But we were unsuccessful due to the power he has in our media and the fact that our elected representatives fear him more than we do.

Today, many of you (and us) are comparing him to Adolph Hitler; another power- hungry tyrant seeking world domination. Many of you are saying that America has gone from being the "world superpower" to the "world's criminal" and are debating how to stop this world aggression - up to and including using force against Americans here and abroad. We understand your motivation. But we are not the problem.

What I have just stated would be considered Treason by many of our high powers in government. This is why you do not hear many Americans speak out. We are also labeled anti-American, anti-government, radicals, extremists, and even terrorists for speaking out in this manner. We have more political prisoners than any other nation. Many of our people have been jailed and killed (with military force) since William Clinton has taken office. The remainder of this message may place its author in the same fate. But as many of you know, such sacrifices must be made to ensure the future safety of our posterity.

It will also be considered Treason to ask for your help to stop this madman. But if it be treason, let it be Justifiable Treason. In the past, many of you have asked Americans to support your efforts to free yourselves from oppressive and dangerous governments. We have done so, often at the cost of our own lives. Still, you may never have imagined Americans asking you for such assistance. We are doing just that. We are asking for the same reasons. We are appealing to the decency in you. Many other Americans and I believe it would be Treason to our own hearts not to admit the truth.

We are not the ones who have sold nuclear information to hostile nations. We are not allowed to give false statements in court. We are not allowed to violate the human rights of our fellow citizens. We are not allowed to possess and use weapons of mass destruction. We are not allowed to conduct our own foreign policy for our own gain. And we are not allowed to make war against other sovereign nations. Only one man in this country has taken it upon himself to do these things - repeatedly. He has received no authorization from our elected representatives (which is mandated by our laws). You may have heard him say he wanted to "...get back to the work the American people hired him to do..." Americans did not hire him to do this.

We as Americans must come to the grim realization that William Jefferson Clinton has become a Clear and Present Danger to the National Security of this country as well the Domestic Continuity of mankind. He has committed High Crimes and Misdemeanors against the people, both foreign and domestic. Few of us - very few - fully understand the reprisals we Americans will face soon on our own soil. This is a battle of our own consciences.

Many Americans have already fought this battle and won. Some of us cannot even conceive turning our backs on the policies of our own government. They are the Americans who falsely believe we are invincible. The victory for all of us will be when each of us understands, without reservation, that a government that lacks integrity has no moral foundation on which to stand, and cannot be allowed to stand.

Again, with grave conscience, we are asking for your help and support. We do not need firearms. As you know, we have many. We do not need your money for weapons of war. We need resolve. We need your insight. We need courage. The same courage that has liberated nations such as Chechnya, Poland, and other sovereign republics in the past.

We appeal to the world not to plunge our planet into flames of destruction over the actions of one man. If a battle must be fought to stop the Abomination of Desolation, let it be fought here - sparing the rest of the world from God's wrath. This is our quagmire. It is our responsibility to correct the deadly course we have placed ourselves on. To that end, we as a Remnant of Americans, humbly apologize to the world for the torment you must endure.

Our forefathers warned us to "beware of foreign entanglements". They also wrote in our Declaration of Independence, "...That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness...". At this moment in human history, We, the people of the United States of America stand at this perilous crossroad.

I, as the author, cannot and will not be a conduit for information or other assistance you may give to us. I am merely one who is sounding an alarm to the world across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Contact the people you trust - the people you know here. We hereby call on Divine Providence to protect, preserve, and defend the tranquility of mankind. William Jefferson Clinton must be removed from public office for the sake of humanity.

To do anything less, would indeed be Treason.

J.J. Johnson -

P.S. A Note to the United States Secret Service: Please do not show up at my home asking stupid questions about possible "threats to the President". I will not talk to you. I am not a murderer and have no intentions of inflicting harm on the worthless bastard (W. Clinton) or any other sellouts (congressional lapdogs). If you are worried about the President's safety, go talk to Hillary & Chelsea.

*** "A right to jury trial is granted to criminal defendants in order to prevent oppression by the Government." (Ducan vs Louisiana 391 US, 149 1968)

Dear American,

If you believe in your heart what is written above, please forward this urgent message to a candid world, including your friends abroad.

- J.J. 3/26/99