(What to buy on a weekly basis to build up your food storage over the year)

Credit for this list goes to the Church of Latter Day Saints. A friend sent me this list with a note saying he'd gotten it from the Mormon Prep List. I'll add some word of advice: this is an outline, and a very good one; however, as with everything we suggest - the best thing is what works for you! If your family hates peanut butter or rice or Spam, substitute something else in the same category. Whatever you buy should be something you won't mind rotating out into your regular food supply.

Week 1


Nuts--get them on sale after Christmas. Drug stores are often a good source. Dry roasted keep best. Freeze bagged ones. 2 lbs. per person

Week 2


Detergents, Bleaches, Cleansers. Bleach 1 gal per person, Laundry soap, 20 lbs. per person.

Week 3


Medicine Chest: feminine products, Pepto-Bismol, cough syrup, Tylenol, Calamine lotion, Kaopectate, Ipecac, sunscreen, etc. Dispose of all outdated medications

Week 4


Canned meats: Tuna, Spam, Dried Beef

Week 5


First Aid supplies: Band aids, antibiotic ointment, Ace bandages, steri-strips, etc.

Week 6


Fill your water jugs

Week 7


Peanut butter 10 lbs. per person

Week 8


Solid vegetable shortening 12 lbs. per person

Week 9


Juices. Avoid watered products. Get 100% juice.

Week 10


Toothpaste, floss, razors, shaving cream

Week 11


Mixes, cake, pancake, muffin, etc. Purchase or make your own... counts for part of grain requirement. You need an annual total of 300 lbs. of grain products per person.

 Week 12


Spices and herbs---look for bargains at health food stores or ethnic food stores.

Week 13


Rice. Buy 10, 15, or 20 pounds. Counts toward grain total

Week 14


More First Aid: gauze patches, swabs, cotton balls, tape, etc.

Week 15


Pasta. Select a variety. Counts toward grain total

Week 16


Dry Milk. 100 lbs. per person per year

Week 17


Assemble emergency sewing kit: thread, pins, needles, buttons, snaps, zippers, tape measure, scissors.

Week 18


Flour. Consider your families needs. 50 lbs. per person? Counts toward grain

Week 19


Dry or canned soup

Week 20


Gelatin or Pudding mixes

Week 21


Buy garden seeds locally, if you haven't mail-ordered them. Get only what you will plant and eat. Also consider what you can preserve and eat.

Week 22


More Flour! 50 lbs. per person total. Counts toward grains

Week 23


Cord, twine or light rope; flashlights and batteries.

Week 24


Freeze cheese. Grate and freeze for casseroles or soups.

Week 25


Paper towels, aluminum foil, garbage bags, freezer bags, etc.

 Week 26


Vinegar: If you make pickles, have several gallons on hand

Week 27


Condiments: mustard, mayo, relish, Worcestershire

Week 28


Jams and jellies. Buy what you will not make yourself.

Week 29


Canned goods. Buy what you eat. Veggies: 150 lbs. per person, fruits, 80 quarts per person

Week 30


Canned milk. Check Dec 1989 Ensign for use Ideas

Week 31


Back to school supplies and office supplies

Week 32


Baking powder, soda, cornstarch. Baking soda 2 lbs. per person, soda 3lbs. per

Week 33


Tomatoes. Juice, sauce, whole or paste. Buy it or make it. Part of veggies

Week 34


Canned fruit. Buy or can 80 quarts per person

Week 35


More canned fruits and veggies 150 total per person per year

Week 36


Buy an extra 25 pounds of sugar 100lbs. per person total

Week 37


Can or freeze veggies from garden or fresh purchased, or buy more canned 150 lbs. per person per year

Week 38


Dried beans, peas. 100 lbs. per person

Week 39


Sweeteners. Honey, Molasses, etc. counts toward sugars

 Week 40


Iodized Salt. Ten or more containers. For canning use, get canning salt.

Week 41


Personal products: soap, deodorant, toilet paper, shampoo, etc. Hand soap, 15 per person, TP: one roll per week

Week 42


Canned soups: counts toward veggies

Week 43


Can something with apples.

Week 44


Hard candy for Halloween. Leftovers will make a good addition to your 72-hour emergency kit.

Week 45


Vitamins. Get some extra C and Calcium. 365 vitamins per person.

Week 46


Treats for baking: Cocoa, coconut, nuts, chocolate chips, etc

Week 47


Rolled oats, corn meal, cream of wheat...Part of grains

Week 48


Sugars, brown, white, powdered. Counts toward 100 lbs. per person total

Week 49


Vegetable and olive oils. Get a good quality. 12 lbs. per person

Week 50


Candles and matches. Put in a cool place and in a sturdy box (preferably fireproof) that you can locate in the dark.

Week 51


Popcorn. Go for the big bags. Counts toward grains

Week 52


Merry Christmas. Give yourself a great gift--security.




A more simplified month-by-month list



Salt. 5 pounds per person; water, 14 gallons per person, and bedding.



Fat or oil. 20 pounds per person; flashlights; first aid supplies



Grains. 300 pounds per person (wheat, rice, corn, other); garden seeds



Grains (wheat, rice, corn, other); clothing/sewing supplies



Dry milk, 75 pounds per person; matches; candles



Dry milk; kerosene containers or other fuel containers



Sugar/honey, 60 pounds per person; kerosene or other fuel



Sugar/honey; wood/kerosene; cleaning supplies



Dried legumes, 60 pounds per person; personal hygiene supplies



Dried legumes; baby items, if applicable



Emergency kits; catch up on previous items



Emergency kits; catch up on previous items

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