There wasn't a day that went by without someone new to the world of preparedness asking advice on everything from the best way to accumulate long-term storage food to where the safest (most defensible) place to live might be. It seems I've given a lot of the same advice over the years, and I've been doing this for my whole adult life. To save you the trouble of having to ask, I'm going to expound on the subject of preparedness based on my own experience and research. This treatise is for those who are new to preparedness because of concern over the economy, the pandemic, extreme weather, or civil unrest.


I can't make your decisions: "What works best is what works for you!" The ideal situation for us may be totally unworkable for you

I can't do your research for you but I can point you in a direction that will get you started. If you don't have the motivation to look up the answers for yourself, your chances of achieving even a minimal degree of self-sufficiency are somewhere between nil and null.


You may have months or you may have only a few days, so stop thinking so much and start doing something about emergency preparedness. It seems that weather-related disaster has been the rule instead of the exception the past few years, yet some people haven't heeded the little alarm bells that should have been going off in their heads. How much time do you have? Only until the next disaster strikes...

  • Where to start? 
  • Water 
  • Heat 
  • Lighting 
  • Cooking 
  • What about red wheat ? 
  • Power in General 
  • Communications 
  • Sanitation 
  • Entertainment 
  • Don't Forget the Soap! 
  • Pets and Other Animals 
  • Protecting Your Property and Yourself 
  • Security Issues 
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