Phoenix Bird


By: A Friend

The following is a list of information and resources for those who have an interest in Emergency Preparedness and don't have, or don't want to have, access to the Internet. Some sources of really good information are:

Also remember to talk with those older neighbors of yours who have lived in the area for a long time. They may remember something that the elected officials may not be aware of; e.g. contaminated water in the aquifer 40 years ago, or a flash flood back in the 1930's.... and besides, you just may brighten someone's day.....

Your public library is the best bet and besides, it is pretty cheap: just a little of your time for research and travel, however you get around town; walk, take the bus, ride a bike or whatever. There will more of this sort of thing later. This is just something you can share with your friends who maybe do not have or want access to the net; be kind and offer, but do not push. Be safe, be free and, when you can, be a good neighbor. Who knows - you might even like it...

Seasons Greeting and best of wishes

~A concerned person