Phoenix Bird


Bugout Camping: The act of grabbing one's bugout bag and heading off "cold" to camp out.

Being the survival experts that we are, a simple bugout camping trip sounded like a fun way to spend the weekend. After all, we'd been through our BOB's a few times, knew we had our stuff together, and decided that an equipment shakedown was in order. We did our first bugout camp-out last weekend - grabbed our BOB's, hiked off to a site we'd already scouted out earlier in the day, set up the tent, gathered some firewood, cooked dinner over an open campfire (for the first time this spring), then sat back to enjoy the solitude of the wilderness. Well, that is, we sat back to enjoy it after a bit of a shaky start.....

Do's and Don'ts for Bugout Camping

We had a good time bugout camping, in spite of a few minor problems along the way, so it's easy to forget the reason we started out in the first place: to make all these mistakes so YOU don't have to.

For now it's a training exercise - an exercise I advise you to undertake for yourselves. One day it may not be 'just-for-fun' and running a gear shakedown now is a lot easier than doing it in a life-and-death disaster scenario.