Phoenix Bird


We use a lot of military equipment in our survival gear make-up, not because of militancy but because it is tough and it works. Let's look at reality for a second: if you have a farm, during a long-term crises you are going to have to patrol your property. Farms will become a magnet to people who didn't prepare, and they may want to take what you have.

With this fact in mind, you must know that there is a difference between"Patrol Gear">and a "Bug Out Bag". This list encompasses Patrol Gear and should not be confused with the contents of a Bug Out Bag(which is a separate list).

This list is not the last word on the subject; it is a basic list. Add or delete items so that your team's kits work for you in your area of the country or world. This is what works for us.

1 L.B.E. (pistol belt with suspenders) OR L.B.V., and butt-pack


Full Canteen with cup, "Ranger stove" and canteen cover


Water purification supplies


Individual first aid kit, including aspirin and Band-Aids (see individual first aid kits list)
2 Traumedic bandages and carry case (two will fit in one case)
1 Personal sewing kit
1 Locking carabiner
1 Poncho, military-grade (will also be used as shelter)
1 Compass (and maps)
1 Mini notepad and pencil (pens smear when wet)
1 Handheld radio (CB or needed freq.)
1 Flashlight, with blue lens (extra batteries and spare bulb) -remember that topo map contour lines and inner compass markings disappear under red light
1 Fire starter (any type: matches, Bic, magnesium, etc)
Trioxane fuel tab (or equiv.)


Survival-style knife or other quality sharp knife (k-bar, Gerber, Rinaldi, etc)
1 roll Vinyl electrical tape
1 Pistol in holster
1 Battle rifle magazine pouch and extra magazines (LBV chest mag pockets are fine)

1 Full meal (MRE or equiv.)

1 Backpack (OD or other subdued color)
1 Mess kit with knife, fork and spoon (or equivalent if wanted)
1 Canteen and cover (1 or 2 quart at your option)
1 Rappelling harness and heavy gloves
1 Sleeping gear and ground pad
2 pr Heavy socks and underwear (in ziplock plastic bag)
1 roll Toilet paper (in plastic bag)
3 Plastic trash bags, large size
1 tube Camouflage, military or commercial in assorted colors
50 ft Multi-purpose cord
50 ft Stranded paracord
6 Trioxane fuel tabs (or equiv.)
1 Personal hygiene kit (soap, toothbrush, etc)
1 Military-style can opener
2 roll Personal sized rolls of OD trip wire and alarm (your discretion)


Your share of the team medic's bag (on clip on outside of ruck) (see "Team Medic's List and Setup" in separate article)
1 Fire starter (any type: matches, Bic, magnesium, etc)
1 pr Binoculars (one pair per three people)


Extra ammo and mags
@1 Bug repellent, plastic bottle (as needed, high DEET content preferred)

1 ea. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks


  • Food can be MRE's freeze dried, canned, instant (pop-tarts etc)

  • Snacks for hikes are jerky, granola, candy, fruit mix, etc

  • Beverage base powder or Kool-Aid (if desired)

(to be distributed for carry among members)
  • Rappelling rope
  • Folding shovel
  • @Hatchet
  • @Machete
  • Portable AM/FM/SW radio
  • Medic bag

@1 Tent or lean-to (as needed at your discretion)
@1 Winter hat (with ear flaps)
@1 pr Gloves and liners
@1 pr Cold weather boots
@1 Winter coat and liner
@1 Intermediate cold sleeping bag
@1 Poncho liner
@1 pr Thermal underwear
@ Hand warmers
1 Medium range rifle (5.56, 7.62, etc... 7.62x39 preferred)
1 Pistol (any caliber)
@1 .22cal rifle, High quality (Ruger 10/22 preferred)


Ammo and extra mags for all weapons


Slings or holsters for all weapons


Field cleaning kit and tools
1 T-shirt
1 Shirt, fatigue
1 pr Pants, fatigue
1 pr Padded socks (type according to season)
1 pr Good boots (style according to season)
1 Fatigue hat (style at your option)
The above list is a minimum recommendation . Bring any additional items you wish, but remember: you bring it, you carry it.

Items with the symbol " @ " beside them are only brought as needed.