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Welcome to the Common Ground Survival Network, a coalition of groups and individuals dedicated to the learning, training and communication of emergency preparedness techniques. We seek to prepare for whatever crisis may come our way, be it tornadoes, social chaos or terrorism, but we are first and foremost fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, husbands and wives. The values we embrace of Family First and of our larger family of groups can only be achieved by our own individual pledges of honesty, commitment, respect and loyalty---to ourselves, our groups and our ideals.

The Common Ground/Phoenix network's goal is to provide a clearinghouse of information for skills, training and knowledge for groups of like-minded people. We will strongly urge goals like standardization of gear, terminology and training---because we know that it works. By the same token we respect differences of opinion, especially where different environments, conditions and team makeup exist. We will always do our utmost to provide all participants with the latest in proven information in the hopes that you will tailor it to your specific needs.

It is the love and concern for the people who make life worth living which brings us together. It is providing a level of preparedness that comes when you've done all you can to protect the most important people in your world, that is our cornerstone. We wish you the very best of luck, even while realizing that through proper preparation you may need less luck. We ask that you get involved by asking questions if you don't know, or providing verifiable, factual answers if you do. Remember: there are no observers, only participants.

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