Phoenix Bird



  1 3x3gauze pad   1 Alcohol prep pad
  1 Moist towelette   1 Roll military t.p.
  5 Band-Aids, different sizes
  1 Triple antibiotic ointment pkg.
In a film container are:
  1/2 Book of matches   4 Pain relievers
  2 Tooth picks   2 Gum
  2 Chocolate mints   4 Hard candies
  1 ea. Sugar & salt pkg.     Cotton
  1 Gaviscon (for a nervous tummy)
  1 Mini roll med. tape(rolled around a piece of a tooth pick)
  1 Mini Tabasco good to splash in the eyes of the bad guy
  1 Iced tea drink mix (hope water won't be an issue)
Now just for the record I know it's against school rulz to have matches or pain reliever, so I have sewed the pouch up to only be opened in a WTSHTF situation. It fits in a jacket pocket, locker, or book bag. I know it's not much but it makes me feel better.