Phoenix Bird


Another crazy idea from Rick:

When I was a kid my mother used to keep a can of bacon and hamburger grease on the stove. That of course was before we were handed the idea that it will make you actually feel your heart slow down when you eat it. Back to that can again, there were little bits of dried bacon and hamburger in there that I used to borrow from time to time (nice and crispy). When we store meats there are two enemies: oxygen and moisture. They allow the bacteria a bit of time to build up toxins so that they can kill us off.

Ham, turkey and chicken as well as hamburger can be dehydrated and stored in the grease. Remember that in order to dehydrate ham, turkey and chicken, you have to cook them first if you enjoy life. I have taken ham now and cooked and dried it and then packaged it in the fat left over. Humans need some amount of fat to survive anyway (no matter what they say) so you will have stored meat and fat at the same time. Grits with a bit of real bacon in them are much better. Add a little of the fat and the meal will be with you a lot longer too. The ham can be used in ham and beans the fat adding more flavor and staying power as well. If you refer to the cooking section I have put some info in there on that as well. Briefly, beans and rice can be cooked and dehydrated prior to storage. When you are ready to use them they only need to be rehydrated and heated. You can look on them as batteries; you stored energy out of the now defunct power grid when you should have. It is as the old saying goes. No! I will tell a stupid story rather than just say it.....

A Benny shaved is a Benny urned.

Test Results: Well I am about done now and I have discovered that a five pound chub of hamburger fits quite handily into one little quart jar, packaged as I had mentioned earlier.