Phoenix Bird



By: Randy Hansen


You are in your house or apartment, without power, running water or phone service. Due to the severity of the disaster, it is unsafe to leave your home

Note: You will need to turn off the power, water and phone to make it more realistic - and don't go out a buy a bunch of stuff prior to the first time you try this exercise. Use what is already in the home.

Object of this exercise:

To see how well prepared you'd be if this situation were to occur. Allow 24 to 48 hours to see how well you (and your family if applicable) can cope without the luxuries we all have become so dependent upon. This will show you what level of preparedness you are at, and in what areas you are lacking. This survival training exercise will help you become better prepared in the home.

Do this exercise once month or once every other month for practice, and at different times of the year. Remember - there are more elements to deal with in winter than in summer. Also remember that the better prepared the whole family is, the easier it will be for all to survive if the disaster hits when a member or two is away from home.

This is also a good way to get a family together. Sit around a candle-lit table and communicate. Have fun and good luck!

Exercise #2 will deal with the working member or members of the family getting stranded away from home, at the office or somewhere in between.