Phoenix Bird


Encyclopedia Of Country Living, 50th Anniversary Edition Carla Emery, Sasquatch Books

Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills, Third Edition Abigail Gehring (Editor)

Back to Basics: How to Learn and Enjoy Traditional American Skills (Second Edition)

Reader's Digest

Other homes and garbage: Designs for self-sufficient living Harry; Young Lily Leckie Jim; Masters, Gil; Whitehouse (Author)

How to Stay Alive in the Woods Brad Angier 

Home in Your Pack: The modern handbook of backpacking Brad Angier

Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants Brad Angier

Survival Guns Mel Tappan

Visual Signals (TC 3-21.60 / FM 21-60) Department of the Army, 2017 

In case you haven't guessed, Brad Angier is one of my favorite authors. His books are very readable and absolutely logical