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Living in the End Times

By James Duffee

Looking at the prophecies of Revelation concerning the end times, many people wonder how many of these prophecies have been fulfilled, and how many are still in the future. To answer this, it is necessary to study history, as well as prophecy. Many events are hidden away in the history books, waiting to be "discovered" by a new generation. To unlock the mysteries of Revelation, we'll begin with the seven seals. The seven seals depict ages, or time periods, for the Christian church - the body of Christ. As the number seven means "completeness", the seven seals are the complete story of the Christian church, from the very beginning until the return of Christ.

The lamb, of course, represents Christ. Only He is worthy to open a seal and usher in a new era for the church. In this first seal, the white horse signifies purity, the pure gospel taught by the apostles in the first church age. The crown symbolizes the royalty and righteousness of Christ. The rider carrying a bow and going forth conquering represents the tremendous growth of the church under the leadership of the apostles. This seal covers the time between Christ's death and approximately 100 AD.

Contrasting the white horse of the first church age, this period is represented by a red horse, revealing corruption and error that crept into the church after the deaths of the apostles. During this church age, God's people were persecuted and slain, shown here in the fact that peace was taken from the earth, and this rider bears a great sword. This persecution, and this seal, ended at the time of Constantine, around 310 AD.

This period is represented by a black horse, symbolizing the complete corruption of the gospel message. The pair of balances refers to the balance of power between the church and the government during the reign of Constantine and his successors. In verse six, the rider sets the "selling price" for wheat and barley. This represents the greed and desire for wealth which permeated the church at this time. The command not to hurt the oil and the wine refers to the words of David in Psalm 104:15. David said the oil and wine were gifts from God. These gifts came to symbolize the joy and peace that can be found in God. Even in this age of darkness, there were some Christians who remained true to the gospel and had these gifts of oil and wine. The third church age ended when the Roman emperor Justinian granted the Bishop of Rome judicial authority in 538 AD.

The pale horse of the fourth seal represents the sickliness of the church in this age. The rider of this horse is named death, and Hell ("the grave" in Greek) followed him. This signifies that the persecution of God's people would resume, this time at the hands of the Church of Rome. This rider had power over a fourth of the earth, which was roughly the size of the Roman Empire at the time. He was given power to kill with the sword, hunger, death, and the beasts of the field. In this sentence, the word "death" means an instrument of death, such as torture or the gallows. These display the different means by which the Church of Rome killed those who were against it. This sick period of the church lasted until the Protestant Reformation began to break the power of the Roman Catholic Church, around 1600 AD.

Under the fifth seal, John saw those who had been slain for the Word of God during the previous seals. Most people believe this is speaking of souls in heaven, but all of John's visions reveal events on earth or things that can be seen from earth. This altar, rather than the altar in God's heavenly sanctuary, is a sacrificial altar of pagans. In the Old Testament, it can be seen that an altar constructed by God's design is solid stone - there is no "under" side of the altar. Pagans, however, used an altar that looked like a table. These souls (people) that John saw were under a pagan altar, symbolizing their deaths at the hands of pagans in the church. These people were given white robes, showing that God considered them righteous and "eligible" to enter heaven. The voice telling these people to "rest yet a little season" indicates the temporary end of martyrdom at the close of this age. As the power of the Roman Catholic Church was ended, so were the violent executions of the saints. The final part of verse eleven reveals that there will be another time of martyrdom though.

From the highly symbolic nature of the first five seals, we are now given more literal events to look for. This coincides with the instructions that Daniel received concerning his visions. He was told to "seal the book even unto the time of the end" (Daniel 12:4). This indicated that the visions of Daniel would not be understood until the time of the end. Following the Protestant reformation, Biblical scholars began studying the prophecies of Daniel in earnest. God revealed the meanings of Daniel's visions at that time, which is also the time of the opening of this sixth seal. Under this seal there would be an earthquake, the sun would turn black, the moon would turn to blood, and the stars would fall from the sky. This would be followed by the heavens rolling back like a scroll and the mountains and islands "fleeing". Each of these signs is intended to warn God's people that the time of judgment is rapidly approaching.

The first sign of the sixth seal occurred on November 1, 1755. The great earthquake, centered in Lisbon, Portugal, (known as the Lisbon earthquake) was felt as far away as Great Britain, Sweden, Italy, northern Africa, the West Indies, and even America. Looking at a world map, it is almost impossible to conceive of an earthquake so great that its effects were felt over so large an area. But historical accounts indicate that cities from Lisbon to Morocco to Algiers were damaged, resulting in an estimated 90,000 deaths in Lisbon alone. The second sign, the sun turning black, occurred on "the dark day of May", May 19, 1780, followed by the moon turning to blood the same night:

The fact that the moon had been full the day before eliminates the possibility that the sun turned black due to a natural solar eclipse. Vivid accounts of the following night refer to the moon as having taken on the crimson color of blood. To this day, astronomers have been unable to discover a cause for such events. The third sign of the sixth seal, the stars falling from heaven, occurred on November 13, 1833.

The next sign, the heavens departing as a scroll, has yet to happen. This imagery is associated with the judgment of God's wrath - the seven final plagues.

It is the voice of God which causes the sky to depart like a scroll being rolled up. Following this, the mountains and islands will "flee" and not be found. These things are part of the seventh plague:

The final portion of the sixth seal, which we now await, will bring the plagues of Revelation. During this time, even the most influential people on earth will be running to the mountains in an effort to hide from the wrath of God. Before these things happen, though, we will see the establishment of the beast empire, along with the mark of the beast and the persecution of Christians.

This is the only event that occurs under the seventh seal. We are told that the angels sing to God continually in heaven, and praise Him "day and night":

Why, then, would there be silence in heaven? Because the entire host of heaven has accompanied Christ on His return.

Imagine the sight of the entire host of heaven surrounding the Son of God as He descends from His heavenly throne to gather His people. For some, this will be a time of rejoicing, praise and relief. For others, it will be a time of utter despair, as they realize that the "fables" they mocked and scoffed at are true.

God loved us so much that He saw fit to give us signs of warning that this time was fast approaching. Each of these signs has come to pass, and we stand on the threshold, awaiting the fulfillment of the beast prophecies. As the beast with horns like a lamb persuades the world to establish an image of the beast of Daniel, Christians will be persecuted like never before. They will be considered traitors, radicals and extremists - people who are to be exterminated without a second thought.

We have already seen in recent years how those with "odd" beliefs can easily be targeted for destruction with little or no objection from the general public. The assassination of Randy Weaver's wife and son were tolerated because the Weavers held unpopular beliefs. The Branch Davidians were tortured and executed without a shred of protest from most Americans because they were "weird". This same attitude will prevail against Christians and others who refuse to conform to the new standard of society.

Anyone who chooses not to honor the new empire, whether Christian, patriot, survivalist, or all of the above, will be singled out for destruction. Individuals, families, and entire colonies will be hunted down and murdered for the sake of the One World Government - the image of the beast.

Those who refuse to accept the mark of the beast - those who will not worship the beast or the image of the beast - do so at the risk of beheading. The beast with lamb-like horns will command that anyone who does not worship the beast empire is to be killed. Unable to buy or sell, these people will be forced to live in the wilderness, on land they cannot own, growing and hunting their food and trusting in God to protect them from the beast.

Scripture does not tell us how long this period under the sixth seal will last. Before the plagues of God's wrath come upon this world, His people will have to live apart from the beast empire. This may last a year, ten years or possibly even several generations. We may be faced with the prospect of having to live off the land for the rest of our lives, and teaching our children and grandchildren to do the same. How well prepared are you?

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