Phoenix Bird


When there is an emergency, whether it is TSHTF, earthquake, riot, or whatever, there will be a lot of stress involved. No matter how much you plan and run drills there will be the simplest items that will be overlooked.

The more I thought about it, the more I saw where it would come in handy. My wife and myself sat down and made a list of items that we have together and items that will have to be rounded up at the last minute. After we made the list we gave everything a number from the most important to the least important. When that was done we put the location of where the items were in the house.

When we finished we had a simple list of what to do and which order it should be done in. This way you won't get the ammo for the AK and not have your pistol already at your side. We also put the phone, pager, and cell phone numbers of the children, their spouses, and certain friends on the list.