Phoenix Bird


The following information is for those who are considering becoming part of a mutual aid/support network of survivalist groups as part of the survivalist community-at-large. While some of the information included herein may seem extreme - life and death situations are extreme. Whether stranded in the middle of Los Angeles during a replay of the riots that followed the Rodney King verdict, stuck in Portland while it burns, or in the middle of the worst snowstorm in the history of the state, this information can help in achieving a level of preparedness that will get us through any situation.

The purpose of forming a mutual aid/support network is simple - sometimes we just can't go it alone effectively. If we find ourselves in the L.A. riot or Portland scenarios, we may need someone to bring supplies or extract us from a dangerous situation. We may simply wake up one morning to find that normally-placid river behind the house has turned into a violent moat that prevents us from getting to terra firma. Who can we depend on when we need a hand? As a working partner of a mutual aid agreement, help is on the way.

We are just beginning - some are at the minimum acceptable preparedness levels, and some are advanced well beyond the "expert" level. With the desire and motivation to survive, each of us is capable of reaching a level of preparedness that will allow us to contribute something of value to this network. In order to do this, standards relating to training, supplies, and equipment need to be established.

The idea of setting standards is one that gets tossed around a great deal, but the truth of the matter is - without standards, the effectiveness of the network is greatly reduced. If we are unable to communicate when normal systems fail because we couldn't be on the same "wavelength" under normal conditions, we can't expect to call for assistance in times of trouble. If we are caught out of town with just our BOB's and a minimal supply of gear, we may need to restock from our allies' pantry. If an alliance member is a diabetic, an epileptic, suffer from hypertension or other chronic condition, the likelihood of survival in an away-from-home disaster is enhanced if mutual aid partners happens to have a stock of the prescription meds that has been provided for just such a purpose.

Therefore, in the interest of creating an effective, constructive, and productive mutual aid/support network, the first step involves establishment of the ground rules.

The information in the Survival and Preparedness Articles page is just that - information. Use it as you wish, to the letter or modified to fit your personal requirements - or find a better way and point the rest of us in the right direction - but do something! Before rejecting it out-of-hand, remember that this information comes from those who are considered expert level survivalists with years of experience sorting through what works and what doesn't.

~ Warrior Woman