Phoenix Bird


Automobile Survival Kit
by R. Hansen

~ a list of what I have rattling around in the trunk of my car ~

Miscellaneous Loose Stuff
Jumper CablesWool Blanket
Large Screwdriver Poncho
Vice-grips"Space" blanket (aluminized mylar)
Leather work gloves "Space" sleeping bag
Tire Gauge Magnesium bar/flint
Tire pump Parka with 2 pr. gloves
Ground cloth (4 mil plastic drop cloth) Handkerchief
Spinner wrench KA-BAR knife
Tow rope w/hooks 1 gal. of water
Flares Wool scarf
Machete Paper
Folding shovel/pick Pen
Box of heavy trash bags. Pencil
Fire extinguisher Wood for splints

Spare fans belts, fuel filter, oil filter,
oil, wiper blades
Plastic reinforced tarp w/grommets,
one side camo, other side aluminized mylar
Cheapo $9.95-style 40 pc. socket set
English and metric
Wristlets (sock with toe removed to cover up
the wrist between glove and sleeve)
Plank of wood (to use under car
jack on soft ground)
12 volt DC spot light, fluorescent light,
and work light (magnetic mount)

Medical kit (13" X 10 1/2" X 2 1/4" box)
Cotton swabs 6 - 2" X 3" pads
Fever Thermometer 7 - 2" X 3" adhesive pads
"Kling" rolled gauze 4" X 5 yards 4 - Butterfly closures
Wet-proof adhesive tape 1/2" X 10 yards 5 - 1 1/2" X 2" pads
4 oz. drinking water, retort pack 10 - 3" X 4" adhesive pads
Neosporin (antibiotic cream) 7 - 4" X 4" pads
Eye bath cup (1 Tbl capacity) 5 - 2" X 3" Biolclusive dressings
Paper adhesive tape 1/2" 5 yards 1 - triangle bandage
Cylume sticks 1 red, 1 yellow 12 - safety pins
4 pr. disposable gloves 1 - Cold compress, crush to activate type
Vial of Witch Hazel 2 - 2 gal. zip-loc bags
Vial of Alcohol Vial of Hydrogen Peroxide
80 assorted strip and spot Band-Aids Pump style snake venom remover
191 pages 7" x 9"
Vial of Dr. Orient's electrolyte replacement formula
  Vial of Boric Acid Powder (mix 1/64 tsp. of B(OH)3 to 1 Tbl. for eyewash)

Contents of 1 - 15" X 5 1/2" X 11" mortar box or 2 - 7" X 5 1/2" X 11" 50 cal. boxes
(weight of mortar box 7.625 pounds, contents 10.625 lb., total 18.25 lb.)
Wool Balaclava (pullover for
head and neck)
GI leather/fabric mittens long wrist w/ wool liner gloves
Israeli gas mask w/filter Wool socks
8 oz. butterscotch Wire saw
Ontario pilot knife
w/sheath and stone
Dental floss, waxed (50 yd.)
and unwaxed (200 yd.)
3" X 5" signal mirror Dental floss handle
Funnel w/filter paper holder Filter paper (fast and slow)
3 - survival candles 2"D X 3/4"
in metal cup
Cylume sticks, 12 hr. 2-red,
2-yellow, 1-green
5 feet glow in the dark string Toothbrush
Vial of Metallic Iodine crystals Pocket Knife
Multi-sizing Wrench 5 pr. Disposable Gloves
Doz. Balloons Potassium Iodide
Magnesium bar w/flint insert 3 boxes Waterproof Matches
6 ft. Tape Ruler Whistle w/lanyard
Folding camper's stove with
2 packs of hexamine
"Dynamo" flashlight (hand squeezed
generator flashlight)
"Space" Blanket Pocket purifier water straw
500 aspirin 36 - 100mg caffeine tablets
5 sticks gum 1 lb. baking soda
Butane lighter 7:1 block and tackle w/ 60 feet of rope
4 - 2 gal. zip-loc bags