Survival Kits and BOB's

The listing of a particular kit does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement; some are compilations of ideas submitted by friends; others are links suggested by associates of CGSN/Phoenix. These kits have not been tested for practicality or viability.

Note:  Non-commercial kits are posted as-received. Use discretion as you read the information. Please feel free to send comments to webmaster.

Kit Name


  Kid's Travel Survival Kit

You can get some ideas here for rounding out your child's BOB

  Kid's Survival Kit

A kid's pack

  Kid's Carry-Always Pouch

A kid's carry pouch

  Keep Cold-Weather Gear Ready in Home and Car

Small and basic cold-weather car kit

  Car Kit

Road-ready travel kit

  Epicenter Products

Equipment for 72 hour kits

  Equipped To Survive (r)

Comprehensive info to help you determine the equipment and skills needed to survive any disaster

  Martens Health & Survival

Full line of emergency preparedness food and equipment

  Off-Roading Kit

Off-the-beaten-path kit

  Pocket Survival Kit

Travel-anywhere kit

  Portable Auto Survival Kit

LA Fire Department's recommendations for auto and office earthquake kits

  Specialty Food Paks

4-person 72 Hour Survival Kit

  Wilderness Kit

All-purpose kit with a wilderness bent