Morrigan explains how to make a basic compost heap. Composting makes great fertilizer for your garden - and lets you recycle garbage in the process!

Composting for Healthy Soil

  Caver explains the benefits of using composted fertilizer

Gardening Basics


Morrigan's newest article on the basics of gardening - if you're new to growing your own food, please read this one!

Guerilla Gardening


Osprey's article on growing a series of discreet gardens for survival!

Raised Bed Gardening


Organic explains the basics of putting in raised bed gardens - for those with limited yard space, a raised bed garden can be a productive use of that space!



Steelharte's article on terracing farmland and gardens may be just what you need to deal with droughts, excessive rainfall, or a combination of both!

Saving Seeds Index


Articles from the Message Board and beyond..


All About Wheat


When most people think about starting a food storage, one of the first items they begin to store is wheat

Edible Weeds


Everything you always wanted to know about eating dandelions and then some!

Food Insects Newsletter


For the strong-stomach types, this site has information and links regarding raising insects as a food source.

Garden City Seeds- Montana Hardy Seeds


Ordering information for catalog of northern-acclimated, untreated seeds and organic garden supplies

Garden Guides ... a Growing Resource for Gardeners


From beginner to expert, a wealth of knowledge from seed to storage

Greenhouses: Buy or Build For Year Round Gardening


Links to greenhouse plans and manufacturers; also check back issues of magazines like Mother Earth News etc. for easy do-it-yourself

Growing Your Own Food


If you have land, one of the most effective ways to supplement your food storage is by growing your own

GTG Hydroponics


Hydroponics FAQ



We have found some potentially useful sites for further exploration about herbs and herbs remedies...

Home Hydroponics


Virginia Cooperative Extension ... Knowledge for the Common Wealth

Links to Native Plant Sites


That's it - links to other sites with information on native plants and seeds

Mining Co. Guide to Gardening


Links and information on growing, preparing and storing your own food

Fruit Trees for Desert Climes


One Man's Gardening Success Story - Drought Gardening

Seeds of Change


Certified organic seeds and food, gardening tools, books, etc. They offer a free catalog and online ordering.

Seedsaving and Seedsavers' Resources


Links to companies that sell open-pollinated, high-altitude seeds and supplies

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange


Over 500 varieties of open-pollinated, heirloom and traditional vegetables, flowers, sunflowers, herbs, garlic, and perennial onions.

The Heirloom Gardening Page


This well-organized page will fill you in on heirloom seeds and sources...why research when these folks have already done it for you?

The Seeds Trust


The Seeds Trust sells vegetable, herb, wildflower, and native grass seed that is adapted to growing at high elevations and in cold, short growing seasons.